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For condition please use this standard:

New: Not yet played regularly
Excellent: No cracks, key-pads good, playing condition
Good: Repaired crack, all key-pads good, playing condition
Fair: Cosmetic crack(s), recommend new key-pads, playing condition
Poor: Crack(s), needs repadding, not in playing condition

Condition: Excellent
Asking Price US$: 1400.00
Number of keys: 0
Description: HAS NOT SOLD yet as of 3/16/2017) . 2001 Michael Grinter Irish flute in D Keyless, Red Lancewood, sterling silver rings, and new (2016) sliding/tuning head joint (this does not come with the old/original head joint) Comes with corduroy carry bag. Will be happy to e-mail pictures. Located in U.S.A. Bank or Cashier check. Serious inquiries only: contact
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Posting updated: 2017-03-16 16:41:55-04:00
Condition: Excellent
Asking Price US$: 150
Number of keys: 0
Description: high d Ralph Sweet folk flute/ fife in maple, plays easily and cleanly. no cracks or damage. purchased new 20 years ago and it is just time to thin the collection a - email with any questions for photos, i will post sound clips shortly located in New Hampshire , USA but i will ship internationally.
Submitted by: <members only>
Posting updated: 2017-02-18 19:15:00-05:00
Condition: Good
Asking Price US$: 450
Number of keys: 8
Description: 7 key flute in rosewood. No maker name or mark. with any questions This is a beautiful instrument to look at with lovely sapwood viening. just recorked and gone over so pads and tenons are in perfect order. plays softly so would suit those who are learning a keyed flute and play more home than "out" in noisy sessions. there is a completely stable and repaired crack in the head joint. head joint is lined in brass so this has no affect on the playing of the flute. thinning the collection a bit so listing for sale. Flute is in New hampshire , USA but i will ship internationally. short money for a keyed flute with a highly desirable c foot joint
Submitted by: <members only>
Posting updated: 2017-02-18 19:13:59-05:00
Condition: Excellent
Asking Price US$: 2500
Number of keys: 6
Description: 6 keyed blackwood flute by Skip Healy. # 33 has lovely keys, has recently been recorked and, reach out with any questions. plays loud strong and true but features a less agressive head joint cut than some Healy flutes. great for sessions or recording this is loud enough to take on accordions. no cracks. thinning the collection a bit so posting for sale. Flute is in New Hampshire, USA but i will ship internationally.
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Posting updated: 2017-02-18 19:13:11-05:00
Condition: Excellent
Asking Price US$: 850.
Number of keys: 0
Description: Kything Flute by Mark Hoza of Austraila This flute is irish flute,3 sectios,silver rings,tuneable. Extremely easy to play,awsome intonation,lovley woody,warm sound.I play my keyed silver flutes mostly. This flute comes with leather case and has never left my house. 215 962 8821 cell
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Posting updated: 2017-02-11 09:36:11-05:00

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