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Poor: Crack(s), needs repadding, not in playing condition

Condition: New
Asking Price US$: 700
Number of keys: 0
Description: Hello to everyone ! I'm selling a Eb flûte keyless by Glenn Watson from Galway. Brand new condition and with beautiful hard "D" (!). I'm sûre You Will be very happy with it. ...Selling because of à nice 6 Keys ! Posting Will be free. Be happy. Collin.bobin(at)
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Posting updated: 2014/09/17 10:55:24 GMT+0
Condition: Excellent
Asking Price US$: 3300
Number of keys: 6
Description: For sale, A very special 6 key Grey Larsen Preferred (GLP) wooden flute made by Terry McGee in 2006. Pardon the length of the post, but I’m attempting to address the important points for any one who would be seriously interested in the flute. I spent months chatting with Terry to select the particular features for this flute. It is made of blackwood (Grenadilla) with a silver head-joint making it much lighter on the upper end than an all-wood flute and reducing the sharpening effect. And it will never crack! The silver head also allows for a slightly thicker lip-plate which adds body to the tone. The embouchure hole is Terry’s “rounded rectangle” with some cutaway, making it exceptionally easy to get a strong focused tone, which, combined with the deeper embouchure chimney makes for a lot of sound for little effort. If you use “piper’s grip” you might be especially interested as this flute is made to be easier to hold that way. The Bb key is operated by the R index which allows the player to hold the flute with the left hand held out, freeing those fingers for easier pipe/whistle cutting and ornamentation. All in all, the total effect of all these features on the GLP is of a very “quick” or responsive flute, in many ways like a very good low whistle. If you are a whistle player (as am I) you might find this flute to be particularly suited to your playing style. When I received the flute, I was ecstatic at how it played. I asked Terry if he’d ever made one like it before. He responded: "“No, it's quite different. I don't get asked for the silver head often, nor the R1 Bb or pipers grip. So the combination is very unusual, yet perfectly useable by a typical player. I'm happy with the degree of cutaway I've given it - great response, but no fizziness… I really liked it… I imagine it will turn heads too!" -– (Terry McGee, in email) And it definitely does. I actually like explaining the silver head-joint to people. It brings up many interesting, er, preconceptions. By the time all was said and done, with additional custom options and case, it costed over $4000 to get it into my hands. I’m asking for $3300 USD for the flute. It’s in immaculate shape and has been oiled regularly. Terry has not taken new orders for over two years as far as I know. The case was specially designed with room for an additional C foot which I thought I’d get Terry to make at some point. You don’t have to take the case with it (which I paid around $300 for). If you do want the case with the flute, it’s yours for $200. Otherwise I’ll hang on to it. Terry’s special cleaning rod is included for free. Why am I selling? Because I can’t play anymore due to chronic neck and shoulder problems. So while it pains me to part with it, it (literally) pains me more to play it. Shipping from Ottawa, Canada is extra of course and will be fully insured.
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Posting updated: 2014/09/11 09:13:56 GMT+0

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