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Poor: Crack(s), needs repadding, not in playing condition

Condition: Good
Asking Price US$: 800.00
Number of keys: 8
Description: Antique flute of unknown make. According to Terri McGee, expert in old simple system flute, it appears to be based on a Metzler flute. Most likely made for a student by an apprentice, hence no name engraved on the flute. It is a 19th century (ca late 1800’s) 8 keyed simple system flute with tunable sliding head joint made from cocus wood, German Nichol silver keys, rings and mouthpiece. It is pitched A-450 Hz. The head joint can be pulled out to be played in 440Hz. I have played it in liturgical settings and Irish music sessions with no problems. It has had crack repair work done (prior to ownership) and I have had the pads replaced on it approx. 6 years ago. It is in good playable condition. $800 negotiable (price does not include shipping) Bank or Cashier check made out in US currency Pictures available I can be contacted through this e-mail address:
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Posting updated: 2014/11/13 15:29:59 GMT+0

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