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Poor: Crack(s), needs repadding, not in playing condition

Condition: Good
Asking Price US$: 2200
Number of keys: 0
Description: Lovely, well played and played in Ruddel Rose style Olwell flute. Patrick made this one in 2000. Silver rings with a nickel tuning slide. Flute is of blackwood with a crake on the backside of the headjoint. The crack was repaired by Olwell himself and has been completely stable for 10+ years and in no way affects the playing of the flute ( it is behind the metal of the head and not near the embouchure. Contact me for photos and sound clips. Too Many flutes, this one must go! email me at *Flute is located in the US*
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Posting updated: 2015-12-22 16:19:09-05:00

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